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Down In Texas There’s A Party Growing: Peace & Cornbread by The Buffalo Ruckus Posted on February 8, 2017 For an album that’s equal parts compelling eclectic rock and Texas dancehall-filling roots, Peace & Cornbread seems like a natural title and a flaming image of soul food bathed in bright red seems the perfect image. Occasionally [...]

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Hills and Valleys up to #43

#hillsandvalleys jumped a pile of spots last week on #trrr thanks to #texasradio, #reddirtradio, friends, family, and fans. Keep asking em to spin it. We certainly appreciate it! A photo posted by Buffalo Ruckus (@buffaloruckus) on Oct 24, 2016 at 2:24pm PDT

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Peace & Cornbread Review – Alternate Root Magazine

The Buffalo Ruckus (from the album Peace and Cornbread) A disturbance or a commotion, that is the explanation of the word ruckus. A good word, lots of heft to, and a promise of playfulness within the cacophony of sound. Going by definition, The Buffalo Ruckus do the word justice on their recent release, Peace and [...]

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Hills & Valleys Releases to Radio

Hills and Valleys is the first single from Peace & Cornbread to be released to Texas radio. Request it from your local Texas/Red Dirt Radio station. Hills and Valleys is also available for immediate download on iTunes. Download it Here. Spread the Ruckus!

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